Is Your Website or Network secure

We aim to digitally shield the cyberspace by offering various products and services.we have dedicated our highly skilled and expert advisers to offer services like VAPT and cybercrime consultancy to encase the digital sphere with secure cyberspace..


Due to increased flexibility and reduced IT costs, there has been a shift from web application data to cloud applications to store sensitive data. It has therefore led to the emergence of complexities, security issues and data vulnerability. In addition, because data is stored virtually in cloud hosting, it is difficult to regulate “data at rest” and “data in transit”. In order to maintain optimal and secure cloud application functionality, it is important for an organization to authenticate access and secure critical data.

CDH Security has years of experience securing everything from corporate networks to cloud computing security. With our comprehensive cloud security solutions, we make sure your organization gets the most out of cloud applications while improving visibility of their functionality. Our approach to cloud security includes a deep understanding of the cloud architecture and, therefore, the identification of potential attacks. The identification process includes in-depth research of the cloud design network layer as well as applications running on virtual data centers. We support our customers from the cloud design phase to the implementation phase.

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