About Us

Our firm prides itself in offering top notch interior designing services. Our products and services run a gamut from home decor to office furnishings, False ceiling to Vertical gardening we provide you with:

About US

Info Tech World is a full service interior design company where your spaces transform into a powerful expression. Our founders Harish and Sunil software engineers by profession who have become interior designers by passion leave no stone unturned in the integration of innovation with expertise. Our team of professional and qualified craftsmen is committed to building your thoughts in prodigious creations.


We aim to bring the most innovative internal mixed reality technology platforms like augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR) for customers to visualize and deliver innovative ideas for life. We are customer oriented, quality driven by design, taking every step towards finesse and also bringing "Value For Money" to our esteemed customers.


Our mission is to help customers experience an environment that personifies their style, comfort and personality in order to enrich their lives and improve the quality of the community of which they are a part.


Appointment Supervisor: Basic requirement, a site supervisor or manager is appointed on site and all material supply, logistics and worker issues are dealt with by the supervisor.

Appointing contractors: Contractors with a specialization Specific are hired based on the work requirement for each individual work of execution such as carpentry, electricity and plumbing.

Timelines: An estimated schedule is given to the client after discussion with all individual contractors, the supervisor of the site, designer and client.

Project Management: Timely updates are sent to the client regarding all budget expenditures, person hours spent on site, progress of work to understand the direction of the project. completion of the agreed work.

Final inspection of the project: The project is declared complete by the position of designer and supervisor ur, which performs a detailed internal inspection of all parameters and a pre-approved checklist is verified.

Project submission: The site is returned to the customer after the inspection. Supervisor to be available to the client for a period of 15 days to iron out any possible questions that may arise after completion.

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